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– We create changes in meaning when shaping materials –

From Raw Material to Final Product – Handheld on the factory floor

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Colouring first lamps

Colouring first batch of prototypes and finaly seeing end result for the first time.

Squiggle Colour Samples

Coloursamples for Squiggle are here – And what can I say – COLOURS ARE COOL!

Day 2 of prototypes – First light

Making holes for light and bending the big lamps is the task for the day. Though the day begin with waiting for a few spareparts to finish the tool for driling the holes for the light. But we get going and get it done. And then on to bending. But easier said than done. The […]

Chose Three Sizes


Squiggles are born without expectations.

Squiggle is coincidence. Unorganised without purpose on a piece of paper. Created in a little slot of time where nothing else happened. Maby made with impatience or maby from boredom.

The obligaiton to excel as a drawing is absent.

Far from a work of art Squiggles have their own stage. Their own subculture. Without any rules, norms or status.

This is the beauty of SQUIGGLE…..