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Day 2 of prototypes – First light

Making holes for light and bending the big lamps is the task for the day. Though the day begins with waiting for a few spareparts to finish the tool for driling the holes for the light. But we get going and get it done. And then on to bending. But easier said than done. The […]

Squiggle – First Prototype

First prototype of Squiggle in proces. We are super excited to finaly be able to see the result of our work. First prototype of Squiggle is happening. But there is a long way between a drawing and the real thing. And the first samples were very far from what was drawn. And it was mirrowed […]

The Fundamental Idea of Design

Design is to make a change of meaning in the shaping of materials when creating a functional product. Everything Broen Design do is in some way an extension of this understanding of design. The definition is a mirrow that we can put up in front of our products and use to analyse the products. And […]