About Broen Design


Broen Design is founded by Jørn Broen Christensen. I have worked for several years towards the launch of our beautiful design products and are proud to now finally be able to show the world the work.

Broen Designs Idea of Design

Design is to make a change of meaning in the shaping of materials when creating a functional product.

Everything Broen Design do is in some way an extension of this understanding of design. The definition is a mirrow that we can put up in front of our products and use to analyse the products. And it is something we fall back on when we make new products.

But – it does not mean that all of Broen Designs products are strong representations of this understanding of design. With some products its very clear and with some its more subtle.

Read more about the fundamental idea of our understanding of design here.

What makes Broen Design

Broen Design serves the purpose of providing our customers with products grounded in a strong idea of design.

For long the choice of the product design consumer has been limited by conditions in the marketplace that promote misleading values or no values at all.

We believe the product design consumer want designbased design.