Broen´s Idéa of Design

Design is to make a change of meaning in the shaping of materials when creating a functional product.

Everything Broen Design do is in some way an extension of this understanding of design.

A mirrow that we can put in front of our products to understand them and to analyse them.

Something we fall back on when we make new  products.

It does not mean that all of Broen Designs products are strong representations of this understanding of design.

With some products its obvious and with some its more subtle.

Being concise about how the products communicate, my design language becomes minimalist.

The art of minimalistic design is to make a strong difference with very little effort.

Working with materials in its raw form.

We look at a material like a aluminum pipe or a sheet of metal and we feel the texture of the material.

We understand it as metal.

The candle holder is made from two sheets of  raw metal.

When bending the metal 5 times it is no longer percieved as sheets of metal.

Its a functional product that evokes multiple association.

It resembles the flame it holds.

Or a small spire from a seed that come out of the ground?

This is what Broen Design is about.

Forming the material when creating a functional product we change the perception of what you look at.

But the ability of a product to communicate is one thing.

The relationsship of the product to the surroundings is another.

The relationship of the product to the near surroundings matters to the shape of the product.

Put very simple. Due to gravity most products stand on a flat surface, and the function of the product is at the top.

To make a harmoious product the buttom of the product should be a continuation of the surface.

And there should be a natural relationship between the buttom of the product and the function at the top.

This seem very banal.

But it is a distinct feature of Broen Design that I explored in detail working with the Diffus lamps and the Squiggle lamps.

Making my first collection of table top products I had a fully intuitive learning proces where I understood two things.

What matters is the meaning of the product and the products relationship to its surrroundings.