What is Squiggle?

Squiggles are born without expectations.

Coincidence created without purpose on a piece of paper. Made in a small slot of time where nothing else happened. Maybe made with impatience or maybe from boredom.

The obligation to excel as a drawing is absent.

Far from a work of art Squiggles have their own stage. Their own subculture. Without any rules, norms or status.

This is the beauty of the squiggle.

The organic form of the Squiggle lamps create life and associations of everything from a curious snake sticking its head forward to a quick signature written in the air with a loose hand.

The squiggle changed its status!

Now Squiggles wants to be noticed.

The many eye-catching colors each create their own impressions. And the colours together with the living organic form suddenly create the environment in which the Squiggle excist.

Squiggle jump out of the paper. On to the desk.

Squiggle takes the stage.


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