Find the right size for your need

SQUIGGLE comes in several sizes to fit your needs.

The three desk lamps let you chose the size that is best suited for your desk, your workstation or any another place you want to use SQUIGGLE.

All three sizes provide sufficient work light.

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Small desk lamp – Fits any desk and provides good direct working light.

This size is high enough for any laptop and is suited for small desks.


Height: 42 cm / 16.5 inches

Width: 60 cm / 24 inched


2650 kr. (355 Euro / 395 $)

We will offer this lamps with an expected 40% DISCOUNT ON KICKSTARTER


Medium table lamp – Fits the desktop with the large computer screens.

With this lamp you will have a good working light on most of your desk.

The lamp is big enough for most large monitors.

The medium SQUIGGLE lamp can also provide beautiful ambient light to the room.


Height: 50 cm / 20 inches

Width 75 cm / 30 inches


3295 kr. (439 Euro / 485 $)

We will offer this lamps with an expected 40% DISCOUNT ON KICKSTARTER


Large desk lamp – This is an extraordinarily large desk lamp.

The lamp provides a good working light across the table.

It reached over the largest monitors or extends across multiple monitors at the same time.

This large SQUIGGLE lamp is also well suited as a reading lamp providing plenty of quality light.


Height: 72 cm / 28 inches

Width 100 cm / 40 inches


4995 kr. (669 Euro / 725 $)

We will offer this lamps with 40 – 50 % DISCOUNT ON KICKSTARTER

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