Explore the cultural phenomenon of the squiggle

Organic Design

The organic form of the Squiggle lamps create life and associations of everything from a curious snake sticking its head forward to a quick signature written in the air with a loose hand.

The many eye-catching colors each create their own impressions. And the colours together with the living organic form create the environment in which the Squiggle excist.

Squiggle jump out of the paper. On to the desk.


Cultural phenomenon

As a cultural phenomenon the squiggle has been left unnoticed. For decades or maybe centuries the squiggle was as natural thing of life as anything.

But with the rapid phasing out of pen and paper, we overlook the fact that this little corner of our culture is disappearing.

Do your children know what a squiggle is?

With the Squiggle lamps, we explore the phenomenon and the values it represents. A small break in everyday life, perhaps a mentally absent moment where you are not present. An opportunity to unwind and let your diffuse thoughts run free through your hand into your pen.

To learn more about the proces behind the Squiggle lamps see our blog below.

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Organic Design Shapes – A Leading Trend

Award winning Italian interior design researcher and trendsetter The Italian Bark call the organic Squiggle design by Broen a leading trend for 2020 / 21. See link to read more in the interview.

Elisabetta Rizatto is listed in the Top Global 25 interior blogs by The Huffington Post, besides being named in many paper and online publications, including Vogue Australia