Sheet living

Snowman – Egg cup

We expect the perfect round shape of the egg to sit in the middle of the geometric shaped ring. But the sit on the side. And the fragile egg have cut a hole in the hard steel creating the association of a snowman.

Spider – Trivets

Streching their arms and at the same time holding on to the surface. Two triangular shapes elevated from the surface communicates with each other creating paterns.

InSpire – Candleholder

Two pieces of metal bended with a few bended curves creates multiple associations. A seed coming out of the ground or mabye a flame in it self holding a candle.

Whril – Tray

The surface of the tray elevates in a continued infinite motion that defines the edge of the tray and at the same time functions as a handle.

Deep Bronze

Passionate Red

Soft Golden

Drop – Cup

Hanging like a drop from the handle. Elevated from the surface protecting the table from heat. Glass and aluminum.