A drawing on a napkin

Working as a designer you create a sense of meaning when drawing products.

But with Diffus it is much more…. diffus!

If you would stop anyone on the  street and ask them to draw a picture of lamp in 5 seconds almost everybody would draw this.

The proces of designing the Diffus Lamps was to work with this basic icon of a lamp.

To change the perception of the product already established as the idea of the lamp.

The idéa is dissolved into space.

And the surrounding determine the shape.

The base plate is a continuation of the floor and the shade is a continuation of the base plate.

You can say  that the lamp has been reduced to an object in space.

Even the basic designprinciples of the shade is dissolved.

The distance between the disks are positioned according to the golden ratio dictated by Fibonacci, but at the point of the golden ration there is just air. Not a disk.

So your eye cant focus and the lamp becomes .. diffus.