In my earlier blog I explained the relationship of the Squiggle lamp to organic shapes.

In this blog I will investigate this impalpable phenomenon. The organic shape.

It is based on personal observations. You might say what I claim is unsupported. That it is only thoughts and reflexions.

That is the point.

Human connection to natures organic shapes should be obvious.

But on the contrary we have chosen to surround ourselves with geometrical shapes that are in contrasts to nature.

Of course this stems from limitations in production methods. But for some it has become a rule. The Bauhaus movement made this very clear. Geometry was perfection.

But what is best for us? For our health and our aesthetic satisfaction.

We enjoy to spend time in nature with all its chaotic organic shapes because it gives us pleasure. And for some – for instance war veterans with severe stress – its the only option. Alone in nature. Peace and tranquility.

Organic shapes in nature does something to us on a fundamental level that is vital for our mental state.

We connect with organic shapes in a way we cannot with linear geometrical shapes.

You might say that linear thinking and linear shapes enable us to organize and connect with our surroundings in a modern world. But organic shapes let us connect with ourselves.

A space for reflection.

The geometrical shape is the building block of the linear positivistic society. Maximising profit and organizing scarce resources so everybody will be able to get a bit of the pie we all share.

The organic shape is the building block of our soul.