Squiggle – The idea

From linear to fractal aesthetics

For a century the production of design products has existed under the constraints of the maturity of manufacturing techniques.

The linear production techniques that came about a hundred years ago were perfected for mass production.

And the geometrical shapes the machines could produce – such as the circle, triangle and the square – got celebrated most notably by the Bauhaus movement for their perfection.

But linear production techniques has its limits. And you might even say its not very natural!

In nature you see a differnt kind of perfection.

The natural beauty of fractals explained in math by Fibonacci as the golden spiral.

An evolving shape that is often illustrated in facinating computer graphics.

The golden spiral is the basis of all organic shapes in nature and the fundamental of many of the things we find to be beautiful.

And today – a century after modern design came alive – it is possible to produce this shape on a machine.

Maybe it´s not immediately apparent but seeing Squiggle from above it becomes clear.

Squiggle is made with this production technique.

The idea behind Squiggle is to tell the story about this transition from linear to natural aesthetics.

At the surface you recognize the perfect shape of the circle.

But as the tube raises from the ground it evolves into a 3 dimensional organic golden spiral.

The motion accelerates fast from the surface and eventually reaches into space. A representation of the core of natural beauty.